How to Break Into Biz Dev and Land the Job You Want
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"How to Break Into Biz Dev and Land the Job You Want"

This video training course will help you burst onto the startup scene and land the job of your dreams.

Do you want to break into Startup Business Development? By now you probably know breaking into startups as a non-technical person is not easy. Actually, it's really hard.

Today, Scott Britton will help by giving you exact strategies and tactics to burst on to the startup scene and land the Biz Dev job of your dreams.

This course includes:

  • What the heck business development actually means
  • Secrets founders don't want you to know about how hiring at startups actually works
  • How to convince awesome people in the startup scene to get coffee with you (and the exact script to use)
  • The blueprint for building out a network
  • The most successful tactic for landing any job

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