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Office 365 Single Sign-On: High Availability without High Complexity For most organizations, the move to Office 365 (O365) is a leap forward..
A Practical Path to Unified Identity Across Data Center, Cloud and Mobile The major trends challenging IT organizations today are the..
Top Six Things to Consider with an Identity as a Service Solution The amount of apps, passwords, and identities that your employees need to..
Stop Password Sprawl with SaaS Single Sign-On via Active Directory As mobile devices have pushed their way into the enterprise, they have..
Gründe zur Vergabe einer vereinheitlichten Identität an Insider Obwohl viel Aufsehen um Computersicherheit durch Hacker und andere von..
Une pratique d'Identité unifiée pour les environnements de centre de données, Cloud et Mobile Les principales tendances pour ce qui est..
Top 3 Reasons to Give Insiders a Unified Identity Learn why Executives and IT Compliance officers need to recognize and acknowledge the..
Get More from DocuSign and Office 365 with Centrify Single Sign-On DocuSign for SharePoint Online enables you to legally and securely send,..
Tackling the Identity Management Challenges of Adopting Cloud and SaaS Applications Presenter: Corey Williams, Senior Director of Product..
Konkrete Schritte zu Unified Identity – Rechenzentren, Cloud und Mobile umfassend Drei wesentliche Trends stellen heute die..
Zentrales Identitäts-Management mit minimalem Aufwand Das Management von Identitäten ist ein zentrales Thema der IT-Sicherheit...
Trois raisons importantes de donner une identité unifiée aux salariés internes Bien que beaucoup de publicité autour de la..