Understanding: E-Business Sales Funnel™ Theory
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"Understanding: E-Business Sales Funnel™ Theory"

With this eBook you will learn how to achieve your targets, become more innovative and most of all, maximize the return of investment of your campaigns.

In the real world, advanced sales process engineering has been around for a very long time and it massively increases the sales and marketing efficiency of any organization utilizing it correctly. But until today, it entirely neglects the internet as a sales and marketing channel. While The E-Business Sales Funnel™ closely resembles the structure of conventional sales process engineering; it is mastered to perfectly fulfill the unique requirements of the digital economy.

It considers all aspects of successful sales process engineering from marketing, over sales, to building and maintaining sustainable and profitable customer relationships. And of course it beautifully integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Here's to your success on the internet marketplace!

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