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A Journey to Efficiency and Excellence in Manufacturing

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"A Journey to Efficiency and Excellence in Manufacturing"

Discover how Foundation Wellness revolutionized their manufacturing operations with the FORCE MES FLEX solution, boosting efficiency and reducing waste. Embrace data-driven decision-making to transform your production processes and achieve unparalleled operational excellence--start your journey today!

Foundation Wellness, a leader in orthotic and foot care products, transformed its manufacturing operations by implementing the FORCE MES FLEX solution. Previously hindered by manual data collection, the company faced inefficiencies and a reactive approach to production issues. By adopting a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Foundation Wellness enhanced data visibility, enabling strategic, data-driven decision-making. This led to significant improvements, including an increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and a reduction in scrap rates. The transition to a smart factory empowered operators, streamlined production processes, and bolstered the company's bottom line, setting a new standard in manufacturing excellence.

The implementation of the MES brought about a significant shift in the way production was managed. It not only streamlined processes but also empowered both operators and management. Operators, armed with real-time data, were able to steer clear of tedious paperwork and focus on maintaining production targets efficiently. This real-time data also proved to be a game-changer for supervisors, who could swiftly identify and address issues, optimizing response times and overall operational oversight.

In the bonus interview, Eric Jarvis, Director of Operations at Foundation Wellness, provides a detailed view of the project's internal workings and clarifies what companies need for a successful MES implementation. 

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