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The What, Where, Why, and How of Your Data Flows: The Ultimate Guide to Data Lineage

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"The What, Where, Why, and How of Your Data Flows: The Ultimate Guide to Data Lineage"

Data is one of the most valuable assets in an organization, but using it without understanding how it achieved the current state sabotages your data initiatives and leads to false assumptions about what data you store, how it was derived, what its sources are, and how particular data asset affect other ones. Read our guide to learn more about data lineage, how it helps you overcome those challenges, and which method of documenting lineage you should use to achieve your business goals.

The amount of data that companies store and process has skyrocketed over the past few years. Data is becoming more and more complicated and dynamic, and handling it properly and efficiently can sometimes seem impossible. Even though understanding data (where it comes from and how it is linked) can help companies in many ways, there are still a significant number of enterprises that do not have their data lineage under control.

The Ultimate Guide to Data Lineage begins with an explanation of what data lineage is, what role metadata play, and what types of lineage there are. Once the reader has been familiarized with the concept of data lineage, the document elaborates on why organizations should know their data history and what consequences they will face if they fail to get a full picture of all data flows along with their transformations and dependencies.

Leveraging data lineage also has numerous business benefits, which the document covers as well. The benefits include

  • achieving full regulatory compliance,
  • accelerating impact and root cause analyses,
  • improving the process of scoping data migrations,
  • building trust in data and its sources,
  • and enabling self-service for business.

The document concludes with descriptions of various approaches to achieving data lineage, depending on the goal that the organization is trying to achieve.

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