Why There Will Be a Cyber 9/11 Soon
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"Why There Will Be a Cyber 9/11 Soon"

Find out about the new threats of terrorism coming from the Deep Web

To orchestrate and execute a major cyber terrorism attack, you need to circumvent four major obstacles:

  • Anonymous communication, so that you cannot be interrupted during the planning
  •  Finding the right specialists with a low ethical standard (or short on cash)
  • Transferring assets to pay these specialists untraceably across borders
  • Vulnerable infrastructure you can exploit for such attacks.

Lars Hilse has privately funded over two years of research revealing not only financial crimes with damages in excess of USD $2+ trillion p. a. During the research he has come to the conclusion that the aforementioned obstacles can all be circumvented today, and that vulnerabilities in both in civilian and military infrastructure can be exploited.

While terrorists of the past had to sacrifice their lives or liberty to create major incidents, today they don’t even have to leave the comfort or their own home.

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