Leading Businesses Have an Internet Presence that is Fast, Agile and Resilient
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"Leading Businesses Have an Internet Presence that is Fast, Agile and Resilient"

Having fast performance for your internet applications and sites is more important than ever. In fact, new Aberdeen research shows that end-users have a very low tolerance for delays and lag (with over 70% of users abandoning sites after just two seconds of delay). Along with these performance challenges, businesses are also finding that any downtime or disruption of internet properties can quickly become very costly.

In this webinar, we’ll look at the challenges and pressures businesses are facing in ensuring high internet performance and resiliency. And we’ll look at how leading organizations are adopting powerful new techniques to identify and address any performance issue, from their servers to the hybrid edge of their cloud systems to across the internet.

You’ll also learn:

  • How the demand for high performance and reliability is challenging organizations to optimize internet performance
  • The technology drivers that are pushing businesses to upgrade and optimize their internet performance infrastructure
  • The strategies and capabilities that leaders are leveraging to boost performance and increase resiliency
  • How businesses can become a leader in internet applications

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