Hybrid Clouds: An Emerging Tool for Corporate IT
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"Hybrid Clouds: An Emerging Tool for Corporate IT"

There is a continuing revolution in how IT deploys their enterprise applications. A number of years ago, physical servers in a private datacenter were the only choice.

Today, the option of on-premise servers is joined by deploying applications in the Public Cloud — infrastructure owned and managed by third party providers. However, even this simple distinction is blending. One example of a blended service is called a Hybrid Cloud, a service that appears to offer the advantages of both private computing and a Public Cloud. In January 2013, Aberdeen surveyed the IT community to learn how they deploy their enterprise applications. Specifically, Aberdeen asked about the usage of cloud technology and the benefits it provides. This Analyst Insight examines the experiences of companies that have deployed a Hybrid Cloud, a subset of respondents from that survey.

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